Island of Delos.

I have been reminiscing about Greece a lot recently. Enough time has passed since our big trip that I am craving another adventure. Until then I'll reminisce about those bright blue waters, mythological mystique and simple but delicious food. 

While in Mykonos Andrew and I took a day trip to the island of Delos which is known as the birth place of Apollo and Artemis. Known as one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece this was a must-see according to the locals. Being the history and Greek mythology nerd that I am I was pretty stoked. 

Nearly everything was in immaculate shape considering it's age. 

These columns were from the house of Dionysos who is the god of wine, theatre and merry making. All the great things in life. The remains of a huge statue of Apollo are also here. The Venetians tried to steal this statue but only got as far as the temple of Artemis.  How rude! 

The temple of Isis paid tribute to an Egyptian goddess. 

A closer look at the Temple of Isis. 

A closer look at the Temple of Isis. 

One of the lions from the Terrace of the Lions which is the most famous site at Delos and very post-card worthy.  

The lions, with their mouths open and snarling, were meant to guard the sanctuaries. One of the lions was stolen and is presently in the streets of Venice for all the see. 


There was a distinctly calm yet charged energy on the entire island. I would really recommend visiting Delos if you have even the slightest interest in mythology. 

Ahh, Greece... You are charming beyond reason.