Cocktail Culture.

In an effort to bring cocktail culture to my home I invested in a cabinet and turned it into a cocktail station. I decided to buy cheap glasses from the thrift store and decorate them with gold glass paint. Here's how it turned out.. 

The supplies were pretty straight-forward and all from Michaels - glass paint, tape, and a brush. 


I settled on a set of four glasses for $2.00 from Unique thrift store. Similar looking glasses were about $7 a piece at places like Crate & Barrel and Bed, Bath and Beyond. After a good, thorough wash they looked good as new. 


I used the tape to create a mish-mash of gold stripes on the glasses. Since the glasses were curved creating perfectly straight stripes was out of the question so I opted for a fairly random pattern. Looking back on this project I definitely would have purchased non-curved glasses which would have been easier to paint. 

Once the glasses were dried and complete I assembled the bar which included colorful cocktail napkins, my favorite liquors (Maker's Mark whiskey and Tito's vodka all the way), our wine decanter, and a few colorful odds and ends. The tall, gold-rimmed glasses are from my parent's house and I'm more or less obsessed with them. 


I certainly didn't need an excuse to make a fabulous cocktail but this bar is an extra incentive. Cheers!