Inauguration Tourist Tips.

The Presidential Inauguration is just around the corner and while experts are not expecting the madness of the 2009 Inauguration there will certainly be an influx of visitors eager to catch a glimpse of Barack and his brood. 

If you're planning to visit DC I've got a few tips for you. Washingtonians are a very particular type of people so listen up!

1. If you are riding the metro pleasewalk left and stand right. This is very important and you will receive dirty looks if you disobey this cardinal rule. You've been warned.

2. Speaking of the metro the Smithsonian, Archives, and Mt. Vernon Square stops will be closed so skip those stops. 

3. The metro does not tolerate food or drink. Just keep that Subway foot long tucked away in your purse until you get off. This is not the NYC subway, folks. It's clean! 

4. If you're lucky enough to be attending an Inauguration ball I beg of you to consider flat (but still cute,duh) shoes. Know ahead of time that there will be long lines and a lot of waiting. If you absolutely must wear your sky high heels consider these, ok? Walking home barefoot is not a cute look. 

5. If you'll be visiting Barack's favorite stops for grub as such Ben's Chili Bowl or Ray's Hell Burger remember that they only accept cash.

6. And most importantly never, ever, ever say anything negative about RGIII. Just don't.