Welcome and thank you for stopping by! What started as a blog for a journalism class in college turned into a lifestyle blog chronicling my life and my loves. 

About Me: I think in my last life I was either 1) Karen Walker or 2) A fabulous gay man. I love going out dancing. Not for the $10 watered-down G&T's, but because I really like to dance. I am bored with suburbia, although I live in it. I frequently trip on flat surfaces. I am borderline inappropriate on a daily basis. I try to be as independent as possible, because I know I am the only person I can really rely on. I am intrigued by powerful, intelligent women like Jackie O, Bonnie Fuller and Cathy Black. I’m not as interested in money as I am in being wonderful. I believe that "it is is better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring." I’m a bit of a character and I’m okay with that. Oh, and flattery will get you everywhere.