V-Day Gift Guide.

Why, hello there. It's been a little while, hasn't it? I feel like I blinked and it's February. V-Day is just around the corner and I know it's a bit faux pas to like this holiday but I actually do. I'm a Libra and we wear our hearts on our sleeves! In the spirit of this Hallmark holiday here are some fun gift ideas for your sweetheart that they'll actually love. 

1. This lovely little ring is the next best thing to wearing your heart on your sleeve. Lauren Conrad wore it here

.2. If you know me you know that I love a good hand-written card. This handmade card's message hits the nail on the head. Let's be weird together. I couldn't have said it better myself.

3. This quirky Sid and Nancy antique plate is perfect for those with a bit of a dark side and a propensity for punk rock and rage. Hey, whatever floats your boat.

4. Diane Von Furstenberg's lip clutch is a timeless gift for your stylish lady-love.

5. A flirty sweatshirt is equal parts comfy and cute. 

6. These beer glasses would please any beer aficionado and would be a great excuse to throw away those old Corona glasses. Two birds with one stone. 

7. Take your man's grooming routine up a notch with this kit from The Art of ShavingMy brother absolutely raves about their grooming gear. You've come a long way from your Old Spice after shave, Mikey. 

8. This travel bag offers a sweet reminder for the man in your life. Cute but manly


"Comfy" Party Of One!

As soon as the weather turns a wee bit brisk I'm immediately ready for 1) pumpkin spice lattes 2) cute boots and 3) movies by a crackling fireplace. Needless to say, when it gets colder I get a bit, uhh, lazier. But, a girl has got to look cute regardless of the weather. Am I right or am I right? Lucky for us there are a lot of fun trends that are both stylish and comfortable. Here is what I am loving at the moment: 

1. The grandpa cardigan is just the right amount of Mister Rogers. This mint beauty looks oh-so-snuggly. 

2. "Pajama pantsare the Queen Bee of the comfort trends. I recommend the slimmer version which is more sophisticated than the wide-legged counter-part. Pair these silky pants with a solid waist-cinching top to elongate your body. Add some heels and finish the look off with a structured bag. Boom! 

3. Fun sweatshirts are the best thing since sliced bread. They're thinner than the sweatshirts of yesteryear so they're more flattering but equally comfortable. This sweatshirt would be perfect for brunch, right? 

4. Dressy sweatshirts may sound like an oxymoron but you'd be wrong! A little bling on that cottony goodness? Yes, please. Pair it with some dark jeans and heels and you're good to go, honey. 

5. Boots are the quintessential fall footwear in my humblest opinion, but flat boots are a step above. Not only are they made for walking, but they're made for twerking, dancing, and everything in between. 

6. Smoking slippers are the perfect masculine inspired footwear. And since they're flat you won't be waddling like a duck at the end of a long night. The poodle pattern on these slippers is everything. 


Cheap Thrills.

If you know me you know I love thrifting and vintage finds. Maybe it's the thrill of the hunt. Maybe it's the $4 silk scarf that just screams "Jackie O". Whatever the reason - I'm into it! This weekend I ventured to DC Flea which is a huge collaboration between vendors selling vintage clothing, re-purposed furniture and all sorts of odds and ends. The weather was crummy so I didn't get to stay long but I did find this gorgeous, silky, pinky-peachy shift dress with lace trim which was everything I wanted and more. I belted it and added a biker jacket. I like the contrast between uber-feminine and a little edgy. 

I love these earrings. They're so over the top with a Marie Antoinette-esque woman on them.

I borrowed (read: stole - she's not getting it back) this beaded clutch from my mom's closet. I'll be starting a series called "Cheap Thrills" to give you a look at my never-ending quest for cute looks at reasonable prices. As far as I'm concerned you don't need to spend a lot to look like a million bucks.  Ya dig?

Dress: Summer Mizera Vintage

Jacket: Forever 21

Belt: Forever 21

Shoes: DSW

Sunglasses: Pac Sun

Earrings: H&M

Clutch: Vintage

Ring: Helzberg Diamonds

Lipstick: 1st Night by Sephora

Photos by Andrew.

Leopard for Fall.

It's hard to believe but fall is just around the corner! During fall my staples are boots and lots of layering (especially for the fluctuating weather we have in the DC metro area). I recently purchased this leopard shift dress and am excited to wear it this season in all sorts of different ways.

I'm wearing one of my favorite rings which I scored from Buffalo Exchange

 As soon as there is a chill in the air the booties come out! 

I'm all about the orange-y red lip these days. Enjoy this gorgeous, brisk weather, dolls! 

Shift Dress: Asos

Cardigan: Target

Booties: Nine West

Sunglasses: Pac Sun

Clutch: Thrift 

Watch: Marc Jacobs

Necklace: H&M

Ring: Thrift, Buffalo Exchange 

Lip: Elizabeth Arden in Neoclassic Coral

Photos by Andrew.

Ecuador Travels.

I recently ventured to Ecuador to visit my parents who moved there to retire. Here are my photos. Enjoy, dolls! 

We began our trip in Cuenca and started with a bus tour. 

The old church's architecture was beautiful. 

There were lots of colorful murals, particularly outside of the schools. 

The New Cathedral's blue domes were striking. 

Andrew pausing for a moment at the


The views at the highest point in Cuenca were gorgeous. 

Windswept and beautiful! 

We took the Devil's Nose train through the mountains.

An Indigenous woman glancing my way.

Sadly, there were many stray dogs. This one was particularly adorable and sweet.

A sassy looking llama with piercing eyes. 

We stayed at an ecolodge in the Amazon rainforest. Can you say 'mosquito nets?'

We went to Banos which is famous for their waterfalls and volcanic hot springs.

Andrew contemplating his fate before jumping in a canyon. Eek! 

One of the most memorable sites was Crater Lake. It's vibrant blue hues are from minerals. It was a fantastic trip!

The Getaway.

I am a firm believer inthe weekend getaway. It's my time to breathe, unwind and reflect.It's also my time to drink a lot offabulous wine. Andrew and I recently ventured to Charlottesville for exactly that.

 Flowers that were larger than my hands. Huge! 

 Enjoying himself at Blenheim Vineyards which is Dave Mathews' vineyard.

Soaking in the scenery at Trump Winery. I admit that I wanted to hate the wine because, well, Donald Trump is just awful. But dammit, the wine was delicious.

Ahh, the getaway. So crucial to my sanity! 

Shark Week.

Ladies and gentleman, Shark Week is here. Cue the "Jaws" theme song... 

 In honor of the best week of television (you can quote me on that) I decided to take my shark obsession to the next level and don this rad t-shirt.

I'll be glued to the Discovery Channel this week. Catch ya on the flip side, dolls.

T-shirt: Green Hill Clothes

Chambray shirt: J.Crew

Skirt: New York & Company

Purse: Thrift

Bangles: Thrift

Sunglasses: H&M

Loafers: Dollhouse

Men Have It So Easy.

"Ohh, you showered today and have health insurance. I'm in love!"

I found myself, as I often do, wandering through my local Sephora. I was having a lackluster day and got to thinking about how guys have it so easy. 

No tireless searches for the perfect summer lipstick (which is “Heat Wave” by NARS in case you were wondering). No quests to find the right bronzer that makes you glow without glowing like Snooki. 

Men have it so easy. 

Frankly, I feel like some women's standards are so low these days that if you can tackle any of the steps below you're way, way ahead of the pack. 

1.  Smell nice: Ugh, I just love a good-smelling man. A little spritz of a great cologne and I’m yours. Disclaimer: Less is more in this department. If I can smell you across the entire bar it’s too much. That means you, guy-at-the-club-with-the-deep-v-neck. Also, Axe Body Spray does not constitute cologne. I feel like this is obvious, but you never know with some people.

2. Shoes: Throw away those God-awful square toe dress shoes. You know the kind. The ones you bought in high school for senior prom. A classic wingtip shoe will make you feel and look like James Bond.

3. Pump my gas: Call me a 1950’s housewife but I love when a man pumps my gas. Especially when it’s 20 degrees outside and sleeting rain.

4. Walk with me and not in front of me: Look, if I am wearing heels my pace is about cut in half. And frankly, I am wearing heels to look hot for you so slow the eff down.

5. Learn to cook a few good meals: A man who can cook a meal that doesn't include Hamburger Helper might as well be Wolfgang Puck in my eyes.

6. Be kind to the wait staff: A man who is polite to our waitress at dinner is a huge plus. Chances are if you’re comfortable barking orders at a waitress over forgetting to bring my Diet Coke you’re probably a total ass. Bonus points for being a good tipper.

7. Bring soup/medicine/whatever when I’m sick: If you show up with soup or cough drops or whatever else I need when I look and feel like utter death you’re probably a keeper. Also, if you can look at me for more than a few minutes in my sweats, red, runny nose and messy bed-head then I suspect you’re a pretty decent human being because even I can’t stand to look at myself like that.