Back to Life, Back to Reality.

Labor Day has come and gone which means the summer is o-v-e-r. The sweat dripping down my back as I walk to and from my car begs to differ though. It is blazing hot outside.

Speaking of the heat I recently returned from St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Here are a few photos for you. 

My parents, brother, his girlfriend Keli, Andrew and I stayed at the Marriott Frenchman Cove. We had a two bedroom condo equipped with a kitchen (for blending margaritas) and a living room (for movie nights) which was so convenient. 

The property was beautifully maintained and full of lush, tropical greens. 

Iguanas everywhere. 

Iguanas everywhere. 

Magan's Bay.

Magan's Bay.

Oh, hello there! 

Oh, hello there! 

We took a powered catamaran called "Bad Kitty" and toured the British Virgin Islands. 

One of my favorite spots was White Bay on Jost Van Dyke which is the smallest of the British Virgin Islands. It's home to only a few hundred residents so it's pretty remote with most visitors sailing up to the bay and swimming to shore.  

We visited the Soggy Dollar Bar which is home of the Painkiller drink; sweet but strong with a sprinkle of nutmeg on top. Many were consumed over the course of the week! 

On one of the last days of our vacation we visited St. John and stopped by Trunk Bay which is often referred to as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I would definitely agree. Pictures cannot do it justice! 

We took a ferry to St. John and spent the day worshiping the sun and swimming at Trunk Bay. Pictures cannot do it justice! 

Keli's parents were coincidentally married in St. John so we stopped by the church where they wed. How sweet! 

It was a gorgeous trip, I've got a gorgeous tan and I pray it never fades! Until next time... 

Cleaning House (Fridge).

Well, it's official. Andrew and I are moving to our new place - soon! Our move in date has changed from December to November to mid October which seems to be the official date. This is all very exciting minus the stress that comes with moving. Packing, organizing, cleaning and everything else can be a lot. 

One of the first thoughts that crept into my mind was "Ugh, I need to eat all the random food in my fridge and freezer." You know what I'm talking about; the frozen spinach that you bought with the notion of whipping up a lovely spinach quiche or gratin. Good intentions, of course.

With that in mind I found a bag of frozen peas in my freezer and had a few ears of corn in the fridge (because corn is my summer staple food, duh). What to make? What to make? Corn and pea fritters! 

I quite literally decided to make these solely based on the ingredients I had. If you know me you know I will get real creative in the kitchen to avoid having to make a trip to the grocery store. You'll need corn, frozen peas, an egg, flour and whatever seasoning you fancy. 


1. Remove outer most husks on two cobs of corn. Wrap the corn in a wet paper towel and put each cob in the microwave for two minutes. Voila - the corn is cooked! A friend taught me this ingenious trick and I have sworn by it ever since. No more boiling a huge pot of water which I do not have the patience for. Cut the corn off the cob. 

2. Microwave a 1/2 cup of frozen peas for two minutes. 

3. Mix corn, peas, 1 cup or so of flour, 1 egg, and salt and pepper and whatever other seasoning you like such as garlic powder, cumin, or paprika. 

4. Form patties and cook with screeching hot oil on a pan. I strongly encourage you to use a splatter guard because I nearly lost an eye in this process. Hot oil is no joke, people. 


I'd add a bit of green onion on the next go around so if you have any onion I would add that to the batter as well. Serve these beauties with sweet chili sauce. This recipe made a lot so invite your friends over and enjoy the sweet tastes of summer... and my freezer! 

Frozen peas; check. Now to find a use for that damn frozen spinach!

Island of Delos.

I have been reminiscing about Greece a lot recently. Enough time has passed since our big trip that I am craving another adventure. Until then I'll reminisce about those bright blue waters, mythological mystique and simple but delicious food. 

While in Mykonos Andrew and I took a day trip to the island of Delos which is known as the birth place of Apollo and Artemis. Known as one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece this was a must-see according to the locals. Being the history and Greek mythology nerd that I am I was pretty stoked. 

Nearly everything was in immaculate shape considering it's age. 

These columns were from the house of Dionysos who is the god of wine, theatre and merry making. All the great things in life. The remains of a huge statue of Apollo are also here. The Venetians tried to steal this statue but only got as far as the temple of Artemis.  How rude! 

The temple of Isis paid tribute to an Egyptian goddess. 

A closer look at the Temple of Isis. 

A closer look at the Temple of Isis. 

One of the lions from the Terrace of the Lions which is the most famous site at Delos and very post-card worthy.  

The lions, with their mouths open and snarling, were meant to guard the sanctuaries. One of the lions was stolen and is presently in the streets of Venice for all the see. 


There was a distinctly calm yet charged energy on the entire island. I would really recommend visiting Delos if you have even the slightest interest in mythology. 

Ahh, Greece... You are charming beyond reason. 

Cocktail Culture.

In an effort to bring cocktail culture to my home I invested in a cabinet and turned it into a cocktail station. I decided to buy cheap glasses from the thrift store and decorate them with gold glass paint. Here's how it turned out.. 

The supplies were pretty straight-forward and all from Michaels - glass paint, tape, and a brush. 


I settled on a set of four glasses for $2.00 from Unique thrift store. Similar looking glasses were about $7 a piece at places like Crate & Barrel and Bed, Bath and Beyond. After a good, thorough wash they looked good as new. 


I used the tape to create a mish-mash of gold stripes on the glasses. Since the glasses were curved creating perfectly straight stripes was out of the question so I opted for a fairly random pattern. Looking back on this project I definitely would have purchased non-curved glasses which would have been easier to paint. 

Once the glasses were dried and complete I assembled the bar which included colorful cocktail napkins, my favorite liquors (Maker's Mark whiskey and Tito's vodka all the way), our wine decanter, and a few colorful odds and ends. The tall, gold-rimmed glasses are from my parent's house and I'm more or less obsessed with them. 


I certainly didn't need an excuse to make a fabulous cocktail but this bar is an extra incentive. Cheers! 

Greece: Mykonos.

Hello, hello! I'm back from my trip to Greece and would love to share high-lights from each stop a long the way. 

After flying into Athens Andrew and I took a ferry to the island of Mykonos which is part of the Cyclades between Tinos, Syros, Paros and Naxos.

"Oooh, what a view!"

"Oooh, what a view!"

Our room at 

We stayed at the Petasos Resort and Spa which was clean, modern and very beautiful. Our room was simple and had a balcony overlooking the ocean which was a nice, unexpected surprise. 

The hotel had a lot of whimsical touches like these chairs. 

The hotel had a lot of whimsical touches like these chairs. 

Quite the luxurious pool overlooking the ocean. 

Quite the luxurious pool overlooking the ocean. 

Hotel balcony selfie.  

Hotel balcony selfie.  

Eating breakfast overlooking the ocean was not a bad way to start the day. 

Not surprisingly the Greek yogurt was amazing


Andrew and I took a bus to Mykonos Town which is the largest town on the island. The bus stop was directly in front of the hotel so it was really simple and inexpensive to get there. 


One of our favorite parts of Mykonos Town was Little Venice which was a picturesque area right on the water much like Venice in Italy. 

Skipping stones. 

Skipping stones. 

It was very easy to get lost wandering through the narrow streets but that was half the charm. We always ended up finding our way...eventually. 

Can you spot the little crab?

Can you spot the little crab?


Mykonos was full of cats everywhere! They were definitely not shy either. 

Mr. Kitty making himself quite comfortable. 

Mr. Kitty making himself quite comfortable. 

Mykonos' unofficial mascot is a pelican named Petros which means 'rock' or 'stone' in Greek. The original Petros died years ago but there are three honorary pelicans in his place. 

We ate a lot of souvlaki in Greece which was a casual and inexpensive option at most restaurants. This is typically served with french fries and tzatziki sauce. This pork souvlaki was one of the best during the trip. 

Andrew about to dive into his lamb souvlaki. 

Andrew about to dive into his lamb souvlaki. 


Greece's version of the iced coffee we know and love is the frappe. It is made with instant coffee, sugar, milk, and a little water. It is blended to create foam and finally served over ice. 

Skipping stones yet again. 

Skipping stones yet again. 

We went beach hopping and found Agios Sostis beach which had a small private cove. 

One of the best parts of beach hopping was finding Kiki's Tavern which served cold wine during our wait. Their chick pea and curry chicken salads were killer. 

We ventured to Jackie O beach bar which overlooked Super Paradise beach. 

If you are considering a detour to Mykonos during your Greece travels I would highly recommend it, dolls! I'll be posting more on our other Greecian stops so please stay tuned. 

Greece Countdown.

Unless you've been living under a rock you've probably heard that I am departing for a Greecian adventure soon. And the reason you have heard is because I have told everybody out of sheer excitement! Admittedly one of the most fun parts of a vacation is planning the outfits. As far as I am concerned you can really flex your fashion muscles on vacation. 


1.  Statement sunglasses are a great way to jazz up your look with a minimal investment. Nordstrom has really hit it out of the park with their affordable selection.

2.  Snake print is just luxurious enough for a stroll through Mykonos. 

3.  I can think of no better time to wear a fedora than on vacation. Period. 

4.  A fun cross body bag is a perfect way to tote around your valuables close to your body. 

5.  I'm a big fan of chambray dresses. They're super casual and you can toss them in your bag without worry that they'll be an awful, wrinkly mess. Perfect for traveling.

6.  As far as I am concerned cobalt blue is the Grecian traveler's uniform. This beautiful print tunic dress could be dressed up or down easily. 

7.  Gladiator sandals are both easy to walk in and really on trend. I've been warned to avoid heels at all costs in Mykonos and Santorini so gladiators it is! 



Why, hello there! Every once in awhile a girl needs a serious make over. This blog was no exception. Welcome to Very Veronica! Please make yourself at home. I'll be posting about my life and my loves; fashion, friends, family, cooking, interior decor, travel and everything in between. If you have comments or suggestions please let me know. I'm all ears! And finally, thanks for stopping by. 


Cheap Thrills. LBD.

little black dress is the ultimate go-to item for any female. It's versatile and easy. I found this black dress from a thrift store several months ago when I was looking for a Halloween costume (see picture of me as Wednesday Addams here). It was boxy with shoulder pads and was an awkward length. I had it tailored and can now wear it anywhere. I also found this pink "boyfriend jacket" at a thrift store and loved the 80's vibe it was giving me. I tore out the shoulder pads and voila; ready to wear! 

I'm really happy with both of these purchases and spent less than $20 on both, including tailoring. Cheap thrills for sure. Enjoy your week, dolls!  

Dress: Vintage

Jacket: Vintage 

Shoes: Nine West 

Clutch: Vintage

Sunglasses: Michael Kors 

Bracelet: Marc Jacobs 

Ring: Helzberg Diamonds

Photos by Andrew.